A reminder about your greyhound retirement obligations

\"\"Caption: Acting Queensland Racing Integrity Commissioner Mark Ainsworth: “You are responsible for your racing greyhound’s welfare throughout its racing life, including appropriately retiring the dog.”

By Mark Ainsworth APM, Acting Queensland Racing Integrity Commissioner

While most greyhound owners are diligent about completing and submitting retirement forms for greyhound retirements there have been instances of greyhounds being retired either privately or through rehoming organisations without the required steps being taken.

The Commission has recently sent out an industry notice with the following information to remind participants about the importance of retiring your greyhounds correctly and it is important that participants take this important obligation seriously.

You are responsible for your racing greyhound’s welfare throughout its racing life, including appropriately retiring the dog when it has finished racing.

As a reminder, all participants are required to comply with the Greyhound Australasian Rules of Racing (GAR).

The following rule is specifically for the retirement of greyhounds:
At any time after the notification of the result of service pursuant to Rule 136, the last registered owner of the greyhound at the relevant time, shall notify the Controlling Body by lodging the prescribed form:
(a) within ten working days, if that greyhound has transferred ownership, been retired as a pet or a breeding greyhound, been transferred to an adoption program, exported or surrendered to another agency;
(b) within two working days if that greyhound has been humanely euthanised by a veterinary surgeon or deceased.

When retiring a greyhound from its racing career, a Notification of Retirement is required (106 form). The notification is required within 10 working days if you choose any of the following options.
The greyhound is:
– retired for breeding;
– rehomed through a group or agency;
– rehomed through the Greyhound Adoption Program (GAP);
– rehomed as a pet to the registered owner; and/or
– rehomed to any other person.

If a greyhound is humanely euthanised, a notification of retirement (106 form) and a veterinary certificate of euthanasia is required. This notification is required within 2 working days.

If a registered owner or participant fails to comply with the GAR’s, disciplinary action may be taken by the Commission’s Stewarding Panel.

Notification of Retirement can be submitted through the QRIC online Portal or forms can be supplied by the Commission’s Licensing and Registration team at licensing@qric.qld.gov.au

If you have any further questions please contact Chief Stipendiary Steward – Alex Kitching on 3174 0474 or greyhoundstewards@qric.qld.gov.au



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