Fonzie goes home with help from injury scheme


Fonzie, whose race name was Fonzarelli, sure landed on all four paws when his owner Victoria Tina Mumford, decided that he needed to come home.

When Tina purchased Fonzie as a race dog she commented to her husband at the time that after his career was over, she wanted Fonzie as a pet because there was ‘something very special’ about him.

Unfortunately, Fonzie sustained an injury to his leg in a race fall in Townsville that was to end his racing career, but he was lucky enough to get the surgery he needed to repair his leg under the Queensland Race Meeting Injury Scheme (RMIS).

Where costs exceed $1000 the RMIS provides:

100% of the reasonable treatment costs (including the cost of all surgical procedures and associated expenses) for the ‘eligible injury’ up to a maximum RQ payment of $5,500; and $50 per week towards the rehabilitation of the greyhound for the duration of the rehabilitation plan prescribed by the veterinarian up to a maximum period of 13 weeks.

Injuries covered under RMIS include bone fractures, tendon and ligament injuries, and any other injury determined to be life threatening by the on-course veterinarian.

Once Fonzie recovered and graduated from the QRIC GAP green collar program in Townsville, Tina organised for him to be flown back home to Melbourne, and the rest is history.

Fonzie is living his best life, going to the beach with his family and taking many a siesta on the couch in the air con.



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