GAP has its own version of ‘Find My Family’


In April this year Mother and son – Margie and Mattie – from Mackay, in Central Queensland, adopted a greyhound from GAP North Queensland.

Major (race name – Major Fussed) settled into pet life beautifully, but his new owners soon realised that he is quite a social butterfly and seemed to be lonely, so Margie and Mattie decided it was time for a friend for Major and decided another greyhound would be perfect.

After seeing Pappa (race name – Don’t Tell Papa) as a dog up for adoption on the GAP website, a road trip was organised and North Queensland Co-ordinator Gail took Pappa and set off to meet Major and the family in Mackay.

When the two dogs met it was truly like the two greyhounds were looking into a mirror and for their new owners it was hard to tell them apart when they were moving around.

The two dogs are similar in size and build and their markings are almost identical and they both have similar personalities, they both love water and they both really enjoy socialising.

They looked and acted so alike that there was a suspicion that the dogs could possibly be related.

A phone call to GAP NQ Headquarters is all it took the confirm the suspicion.  It was discovered that the greyhounds have the same sire – racing great, Dyna Double One. So not only are they best friend’s, but they truly are also brothers.

NQ Coordinator Gail said the whole adoption experience for these two dogs was the GAP version of ‘Find My Family’.



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