GAP team on show at the Ekka


The Queensland Greyhound Adoption Program (GAP) will again be part of this year’s Ekka.

We invite Queenslanders to visit the GAP team at the Stockman’s Rest outside the main arena from August 7-15 between 9am – 4:30pm.

The GAP team will be available with our greyhounds to answer questions about the adoption and foster process and general greyhound behaviour and caring needs.

If you are looking at fostering or adopting a greyhound or retiring your racing greyhound through the GAP, the team will be available to help.

Carnival traceability compliance gets the tick of approval

During the 2021 Winter Greyhound Racing Carnival, Queensland Racing Integrity Commission (QRIC) Stewards gave carnival traceability compliance the tick of approval.

The Commission was again out in force before and during all events with increased inspections and pre-race veterinary checks.

The Commission’s activities – which aim to ensure there is a level playing field and the highest possible animal welfare standards, were heightened at this year’s carnival.

The Commission’s veterinarians, sample collection officers and the Integrity Investigation Team (IIT) were out in force in the lead up to race days to ensure compliance with the rules.

Chief Greyhound Steward Wade Hadley was pleased with traceability compliance at this year’s carnival.

“As many greyhounds entered Queensland from other states, I was pleased participants complied with their traceability obligations,” he said.

“We were satisfied industry participants complied with GAR 105, which ensures that the location of all greyhounds is notified to the QRIC Stewards.

All participants are reminded of their race day obligations

While most greyhound trainers are diligent about ensuring they comply with their obligations, the Commission has identified recent instances of race day treatment and possession of prohibited substances on course.

Chief Greyhound Steward Wade Hadley reminds industry participants of their race day obligations.

“QRIC Stewards take enforcement of the rules very seriously and will penalise participants who breach the rules,” he said.

“If QRIC Stewards identify race day treatment, they will not hesitate to withdraw a greyhound from a meeting.

“There were some instances of race day treatment that were identified among interstate participants and appropriate disciplinary action was taken.”

As a reminder, all participants are required to comply with the rules. The following rules specifically relates to race day treatment.

GAR 83A Race day and day prior treatment

Participants must not administer any treatment or substance to a greyhound on the day of or day prior to a meeting without the permission of the Stewards.

GAR 84B Possession on course

Participants must not possess a prohibited substance, or a syringe, needle or other instrument which could be used to administer a prohibited substance to a greyhound, on a racecourse, or in a vehicle or trailer being used for the purpose of travelling to or from a racecourse.

If a registered owner or participant fails to comply with the rules, disciplinary action may be taken by QRIC Stewards.

If you have any further questions, please contact Chief Stipendiary Steward – Wade Hadley on



For free and confidential support call 1800 858 858 or visit

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