Greg’s out of the frying pan and loving it

Caption: Greg Sternberg and Maroney after a recent win at Ipswich (Photo: Just Greyhound Photos)


Each month Chase puts the spotlight on a person and/or their ‘best friend’ – a story that gives an insight into the true heart of greyhound racing. It showcases all that is good in this sport and is a monthly tribute to much-loved greyhound identity Daryl ‘Albert’ Gleeson.



A COUPLE of years ago Greg Sternberg decided he’d “had enough” and gave up his vet practice.

A year-and-a-half before that he quit the semen insemination business that was so much a part of his practice.

“I was worn out and getting cranky,” he admitted. “I’d been doing the job for 45 years and had become a bit stale.”

He and wife Cheryl headed overseas on a holiday, first a driving trip around Ireland and then a cruise in Iceland.

By the time Greg got home to Queensland he knew he wanted something to do. Greyhounds were his game and had been so for decade after decade.

He had a bitch called Arabian Shredder (Train A Journey-Arabian Magic Tu) that had won nine races when trained for Greg by Tony Brett.

Greg jumped at the chance to breed with her, first to Thirty Talks and then Magic Sprite, and become a greyhound trainer.

Late life crisis?

“Not really,” said Greg. “It makes me get out of bed in the morning and I’m really enjoying it. I always had an inkling I’d go into training.”

And he’s been having a great deal of success with those two litters.

“The day I won my first race as a trainer, over 288 metres at Ipswich with Whispering Sadie, I got five or six texts immediately after congratulating me,” he said.

“She won first up. Most people have been very complimentary.”

Greg’s motivation to train greyhounds stems from his grandfather Lionel Murphy.

“I was a young fella and my grandfather had gone into training during the Gabba days and had a very good dog called Soval,” said Greg.

Soval (Venetian Heir-Fly Miss) chased home the legend Top Simbi when third in a Gabba Sprint Championship way back in 1973. Among the beaten brigade that night were other Gabba greats Dan Meadow and Garron Court.

Greg is the first to admit his team today doesn’t contain one as good as Soval but he’s been winning races regularly.

“There are no world beaters, but they have surprised me,” he said. “That old adage of keeping yourself in the best company and your dogs in the worst is one I have stuck to.

“Yes, we’ve had good success and we are very happy with the way the team is going.

“I took note of an article Graham Beh wrote many years ago. He wrote the four keys to training were to keep your dogs healthy, fit, injury free and motivated.”

Among his team are Maroney, a winner at Ipswich and Albion Park; Spritely Arabian, a winner at both tracks as well; Amira, a multiple Ipswich winner; Whispering Ella, Whispering Sadie and Woosnam.

“The Magic Sprite litter is only young and showing more at this stage that the first litter,” he said.

Of his training success he admits to being a “glass-half-empty guy”.

“I go racing just hoping I can be competitive,” he said. “The self-doubt comes and I’m second-guessing myself all the time.”

His Laidley property has its own straight and a competition run right next door.

“I like the straight, but am not a great fan of competition running,” he said. “My training routine is just like most others.

“These days though, when problems arise, I have to deal with it myself now.”

Greg should not be so tough on himself.

His strike rate is great and he continues to churn out plenty of winners with the prospect of many, many more to come.

“I suppose you could say, I’ve jumped out of the frying pan and into the fire,” he said.



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