‘Home-grown’ litter looks the goods

\"\"Caption: Del Rey was a pretty slick race bitch winning the G2 Launceston Cup and G3 Gold Coast Cup (Photo: Box 1 Photography)

Each month Chase will highlight the story behind Queensland’s most recent complete monthly breeding statistics: July, 2021


GOOD on Tommy Tzouvelis and his partners for having a go.

Tom has just whelped a litter of three dogs and six bitches by Maurice Minor-Del Rey. It is ‘home bred’ to say the least. Tom bred and raced the sire and bought the mother as a pup.

Del Rey (Milldean Panther-National Diamond) was a pretty slick race bitch winning 20, placed 40 times, and earned $139,000. She won the G2 Launceston Cup and G3 Gold Coast Cup and was a Group finalist four times.

Maurice Minor (Cosmic Rumble-Shabeky) won 22 and earned $124,000. He was second in the G3 Shootout, third in the G2 Richmond Derby and a finalist in the G1 National Sprint, but also made five other Group finals.

The pedigree Tom has put together is fabulous.

It doubles and balances Spiral Nikita 3×4 and duplicates the hugely in-bred Surf Lorian.

Keep them all Tom … keep them all!

MY old mate Ben Day is tearing his hair out not only because he dropped out of an annual Cox Plate tour, but because a Zambora Brockie-Draw The Whip mating has produce just two pups, a dog and bitch.

Draw The Whip (Kilty Lad-Hot Spur) won just three races, but showed enough in private to demand she be given a career at stud. Ben’s been waiting patiently for her to come on season.

The mating to Zambora Brockie is hugely proven.

It brings in a 3×3 balance of Bombastic Shiraz and a strong link between Trendy Leigh, his brother Brett Lee, and their half-brother Big Daddy Cool.

Everything about the mating is proven.

STEVE and Karen Tribe deserve mention for sticking with their own bloodlines as well.

They have recently whelped two dogs and four bitches by Belair Prince-Razziai Rain.

The mother won 12 races, is by Radley Bale-Rizzini and comes from the highly successful Una’s Revenge damline.

Belair Prince (Buckingham Chuck-Shakin Suzy) showed great potential in nine wins at Albion Park and Ipswich back in 2010 but never got to reach the heights expected of him.

Karen and Steve have given him a couple of matings in the past with mixed results.

To Razziai Rain the mating brings in a number of common and dominant ancestors.

PETE Evans at Eagleby did great with Logan Belle on the racetrack, the daughter of Barcia Bale-Killara living right up to her bloodlines with 6 wins and $35,000 in stakes. She won 520m, 600m and 710m at Albion Park and comes from a litter that includes Group class What About It, Kendall and Scanlon. The litter contained 11 named offspring and 10 were winners.

Logan Belle has whelped a litter of three dogs and six bitches by Feral Franky.

In-bred 3×3 to Hallucinate, Logan Belle’s pups bring in a male cross of Where’s Pedro and also a double of Bombastic Shiraz balanced 4×4.

And, Feral Franky’s sire Collision was mated to Logan Belle’s damline to produce Group class Wild Ace.


Whelping Date  Sire                                      Dam                    Bitches Dogs

1/07/2021            Zambora Brockie              Molly Anne             6         4

1/07/2021            Jiminy Reno                       Blue Print                1         2

1/07/2021            Maurice Minor                 Del Rey                    3         6

5/07/2021            Hooked On Scotch           Miss Emmy             2         3

6/07/2021            Arnhen Villain                   My Glorious Gal    3         2

8/07/2021            Feral Franky                      Logan Belle            3         6

14/07/2021         Belair Prince                      Razziai Rain            2         4

15/07/2021         Dashing Corsair                Lady Surprise        4         3

19/07/2021         Zambora Brockie              Draw The Whip     1         1

23/07/2021         Zambora Brockie              Spanish Flame        2        2

Total                                                                                                      27       33




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