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Whether you have been involved in greyhound racing for 40 years or four months, you never stop learning.

Often, the best way to learn is through the experience of those who have been successful. Chase regularly shares the thoughts of the industry’s best across all facets of the sport.

Breeding and training are two pillars of greyhound racing and Chase provides frequent in-depth, but easy-to-follow guidelines on the best methods to be successful in these two key areas.

Also, everyone starts at the start, so Chase presents reflections from many of the sport’s most experienced practitioners on how they started, the best way of finding a winning formula and, most importantly, how to get the most enjoyment out of this truly rewarding industry.

Training Tips, Breeding Tips and New-comers Tips provide a vast catalogue of information. Enjoy the Read!

Tips for Trainers

You never stop learning and the industry’s best trainers give their expert advice.

Tips for Breeders

Pedigree expert David Brasch unravels the mysteries behind breeding winning greyhounds.

Tips for

Greyhound racing’s most prominent owners, breeders and trainers outline their roadmaps to success.
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