Jordan puts ‘Team Taylor’ on the map



Twenty-one-year-old Jordan Taylor is fast attracting a virtual ‘cult following’ within the greyhound world.

Jordan is a hands-on help for his father, Rockhampton-based leading trainer Darren, preparing the 16-dog kennel that continues to sweep race after race in central Queensland, and also right down to Albion Park.

But, Jordan’s impact upon the kennel and Team Taylor Racing is much more than that.

Jordan has taken it upon himself to be the on-line voice of the kennel, establishing a year ago a Facebook page for Team Taylor Racing that continues to grow in its following and popularity.

‘Team Taylor’ got its start as ‘a bit of a joke’ by Albion Park boss Luke Gatehouse.

“Whenever we arrived at Albion Park to race in the past, we had a big team of family with us – dad Dan, mum Kaye, often my wife Marie and our boys Jordan and Declan,” said Darren Taylor.

“Luke would see us arriving and started as a joke to call us ‘Team Taylor’. It stuck and we have learned to embrace it. The Facebook page naturally had to be Team Taylor Racing.”

Team Taylor had a couple of tragic setbacks recently.

Darren’s dad Dan died of liver complications about the start of April, and then mum Kaye, a stalwart of the kennel if ever there was one, lost a 10-year battle with cancer a month later.

Team Taylor carried on and Jordan, who also manages one of three TAB agencies the Taylor family have in operation in Rocky, embraced the Facebook reporting of all things Team Taylor Racing.

“Jordan does everything on the Facebook page,” said Darren. “I’d be lucky to put up one post a year.”

But Team Taylor Racing is updated each and every week with all the latest news coming from the kennel and it has attracted a huge following.

“Gee, there is a lot of owner support for the page,” said Darren. “And since we picked up a couple of dogs from the National Draft, the following for those has grown.

“There are a lot of high prolife followers for the page.

“And, in every post regarding our runners each week, Jordan will always wish every trainer good luck, and a safe trip to the track. It is a personal touch much appreciated.”

And the Facebook page has certainly initiated a huge response from other owners.

“I can’t believe the number of requests we get to take dogs, and many of them come via the Facebook impact,” said Darren.

Six winners to the kennel a month ago did not go unnoticed.

“I am now relegated to the role of manager of the kennel,” joked Darren. “When we have a night like those six winners, the rest of the team stand up to take the credit.

“When we don’t get a winner … it’s all my fault of course!”

Team Taylor Racing is getting the word out to the rest of the world. They are on a winner.



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