Mandurah is the ideal holiday destination

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Have dog will travel! That is the motto of almost everyone in the greyhound industry and is the reason why its followers are among the most travelled of any Aussie. Regularly, Chase will highlight a spot on the map of Australia, usually coinciding with a major greyhound race, and explain why you should stop off and smell the roses. This month we look at Mandurah.

MANDURAH, Western Australia’s largest regional city, is known for its captivating waterways and relaxed holiday atmosphere.

Incredibly unique to Mandurah, the Lake Clifton Thrombolites are an absolute ‘must see’. The largest in the southern hemisphere, these thrombolites look like round limestone coloured boulders that form on the edges of Lake Clifton.

Described as a scientifically beautiful place, it is still a mystery as to why they form at Lake Clifton. One theory is that the upwellings of fresh groundwater is high in calcium carbonate and the micro-organisms living there are able to precipitate calcium carbonate from the waters as they photosynthesise, forming the mineralised structure of the thrombolite.

As the thrombolites are very fragile, an observation walkway allows visitors to enjoy the formations.

A 5km, 2-hour return walktrail is the perfect way to explore the eastern shoreline of the lake. Lake Clifton is just 25km south of Mandurah, along Old Coast Road.

Keep the kids busy and the parents at ease with Mandurah’s Miniature Park.

The park is home to 70 miniature buildings, mostly replica’s of well-onown historic buildings from Abingdon Village (the oldest continually inhabited town in England), as well as parts of the United Kingdom, Germany, and France – picnic under the Eiffel Tower anyone?

Don’t be fooled though, the buildings are not the only sites worth seeing. The park is set on four acres of beautifully manicured gardens, including an impressive hedge maze and secret rose garden.

Included in your admission is a 12-hole mini golf course, and many picnic spots and playgrounds. Enjoy an ice cream, coffee, snack, or head across the road to Decadent C’s Chocolate Factory.

Amaze Miniature Park is open Wednesday to Saturday and is located just five minutes east of Mandurah, or a 10 minute bus ride from Mandurah train station.

Meet the locals at the Ranger Red’s Zoo and Conservation Park. This boutique zoo is known for its ‘hands-on experiences’. The staff here go out of their way to make sure each visitor gets the opportunity to hold a python or pat a ferret, or you may even get to pat a Rufous Bettong or owl.

Come and see all of the 150 species of birds and animals from koalas, exotic birds, reptiles, spotted quolls, possums, and owls. The massive walk-through aviary and Tasmanian Devils are star attractions.

The privately-funded zoo and wildlife sanctuary is driven to be the best boutique zoo in Australia, and judging from their reviews page, it’s looking pretty likely.

Ranger Red’s Zoo and Conservation Park is only 20 minutes from Mandurah, just off Pinjarra Road, behind the Pinjarra Golf Club.

Mandurah offers plenty of accommodation options and superb range of restaurants located along the estuary foreshore and the Mandurah Boardwalk.




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