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January, 2021


BREEDERS in Queensland are embracing renewed faith in the greyhound racing industry.

Racing Queensland\’s Operations manager, Doug Lutherborrow, has provided Chase Magazine with the figures to prove this.

\”In just four years, from 2016 to 2020, we have seen the number of pups bred in Queensland go from 756 to almost 1400,\” he said.

\”It clearly shows the level of confidence that has returned to greyhound racing in the state.\”

Lutherborrow said the 2013-14 breeding season in Queensland showed almost 1800 pups were bred in the state.

But, by 2016, in the midst of a troubling period for the industry Australia-wide, those numbers had dropped to 756.

They rose in 2017 to 819 pups, 1038 in 2018, 1189 in 2019 and now to almost 1400 in 2020.

But, January 2021 also showed a massive 34 litters were bred in Queensland resulting in 214 pups. \”It is the largest month for breeding since January 2015 and one of only five instances in the past eight years where more than 200 pups were bred in a month,\” said Lutherborrow.

It provides Racing Queensland, and greyhound racing in general, with a much-needed confidence boost.

\”The level of confidence in the industry took a great boost during 2018 and into 2019 when Racing Queensland announced prizemoney increases,\” said Lutherborrow.

\”It showed participants there was stability in the industry and that of course gave them confidence to start breeding again.

\”And, the fact the progress towards a new state of the art racing complex out towards Ipswich is on track, means they are even more hopeful for a bright future in greyhound racing.

\”If we go just by the breeding of greyhounds, the confidence is coming back.”

Racing Queensland, according to Lutherborrow, has done a great deal of modelling on just how many greyhounds the state needs to run racing.

“We need to breed 1200 to 1300 pups locally each year to keep us going, if the number of interstate bred imports remains constant,” he said.

\”At the moment, about five percent of fields are not full so there is still a bit of room for more pups to be bred.

“But, we expect that in the next 12 months we will have plenty of dogs to fill our racing program.”

    Qld breeding statistics – January 2021

Whelping Date     Sire                     Dam                Bitches       Dogs          

1/01/2021           Mepunga Blazer      Lantana Lass           1              5

1/01/2021           Raw Ability             Hesperides              2              2

2/01/2021           Sennachie                Shian Diva              5              4

3/01/2021           Hostile                     Arriba                      1              4

4/01/2021           Hooked On Scotch  Forgotten                 0              4

5/01/2021           Ice Cool Kaedyn     Big Bash Healy       1              1

6/01/2021           My Redeemer          Preferred Lies         7              3

10/01/2021         My Redeemer          Kokomo Beach       5              1

11/01/2021         Out Of Range          Hazy Jane                4              6

13/01/2021         Bernardo                 Miss Gingin            3              5

15/01/2021         Jury                         Velocity Willow      4              5

15/01/2021         Sennachie                Velocity Chance      5              3

15/01/2021         Fernando Bale         Slick Raven             2              5

15/01/2021         Fernando Bale         Classy Flyer            1              1

16/01/2021         Fabregas                  Taylor Maid            5              3

16/01/2021         My Redeemer          Yuken Merry          1              6

17/01/2021         Ice Trucker              Senorita Abbi          1              0

18/01/2021         Barcia Bale              Zipping Blondie      3              4

18/01/2021         Fabregas                  Frosty Fantasy        2              3

19/01/2021         My Redeemer          Lilly Sur Seine        3              6

19/01/2021         Fernando Bale         Katie Who               4              3

19/01/2021         Zambora Brockie    It’s A Glance           3              3

20/01/2021         Fernando Bale         Cosmo Cyndie        3              5

22/01/2021         Fernando Bale         Farmor In Time       4              3

23/01/2021         Maurice Minor        Soft Sand                4              5

24/01/2021         Fernando Bale         Abby’s Magic         3              5

25/01/2021         Good Odds Harada Coconut Lass          2              0

26/01/2021         Barcia Bale              Illusionary               0              1

28/01/2021         Dyna Double One   Uno Topper             1              3

28/01/2021         Bernardo                 Abby Boom            2              7

29/01/2021         Pindari Express       Pollys Maid             4              6

30/01/2021         Hooked On Scotch  Zipping Flick          4              3

31/01/2021         Fernando Bale         Gitcha Fancy           1              5

31/01/2021         Hooked On Scotch  Jay Bay Queen        2              1

                                                                                                93           121 (Total: 214)



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