Prohibited substances rules must be followed closely


QRIC stewards have reported several recent breaches of the GA prohibited substances rules.

The following is a rundown on the meaning of the rule and participants’ obligations to adhere to them.

The Rules define a ‘prohibited substance’ to mean a substance defined by the following criteria or which falls within any of the groups of substances declared herein unless it is an exempted substance:

(a) any substance capable of affecting a greyhound by its action on the central or peripheral nervous system or any part of that system such as the autonomic nervous system, cardiovascular system, respiratory system, alimentary digestive system, musculoskeletal system, genitourinary or endocrine system and includes without limitation analgesics, antihistamines, anti-inflammatory agents, blood coagulants, diuretics, hormones and their synthetic counterparts, stimulants, corticosteroids, anabolic steroids, local anesthetics, muscle relaxants and tranquillisers;

(b) any substance administered to disguise or make undetectable, or attempt to disguise or make undetectable, the administration of any of the substance(s) referred to in paragraph (a); (c) a metabolite, isomer or artefact of any of the substance(s) referred to in paragraphs (a), (b) or(e) irrespective of whether or not such metabolite, isomer or artefact has any pharmacological effect; (d) unusual or abnormal amounts of endogenous substance(s) including but not limited to cortisol and testosterone; (e) any substance(s) specified in Schedules 1 to 9 inclusive of the Standard for the Uniform Scheduling of Drugs and Poisons (Commonwealth) as amended from time to time.

See the Greyhound Australasia Rules on the Racing Queensland website. The sections discussing prohibited substances commence at R78. Definitions of ‘Prohibited Substances’ are found under GAR1.

The QRIC Stewards wish to advise that if industry participants have any concerns with prohibited substances to contact the Commission on 1300 087 021 or email



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