By SHANE GILLARD, Qld Racing Integrity Commissioner

Animal welfare is paramount to the Queensland Racing Integrity Commission, and we ensure we work with you, the greyhound racing industry, to ensure the sustainability of our industry.

While it is the Commission’s role to enforce the rules of racing, we call on you to assist us through your adherence to the rules, when it comes time to retire your greyhounds after racing.

Recently it has become apparent that some greyhound owners and trainers are not submitting the documentation relating to greyhound retirements on time.

As the owner or trainer of a racing greyhound, you are responsible for the welfare of the dog throughout its racing life, including appropriately retiring the dog when it has finished racing.

The Greyhound Australasia Rules require that when a greyhound retires from racing, whether it is rehomed, euthanised, or retired as a pet, the owner of the greyhound must notify the Queensland Racing Integrity Commission (the Commission) by fully and accurately completing and lodging the Greyhound Notification of Retirement GA Rule 22(1).

Please also note that this rule number has changed from 1 May 2022.

When a greyhound is being transferred to a new owner, retired as a pet or a breeding greyhound, is being transferred to an adoption program, exported or surrendered to another agency, send the required notification to the Commission within 10 working days.

If your greyhound is handed over to an adoption group or agency, including the QRIC Greyhound Adoption Program, the relevant form must be signed by the person receiving the greyhound and the required notification submitted to the Commission within 10 working days.

If a greyhound is given away or sold to a person as a pet, the name/s and contact details of the person receiving the greyhound must be recorded on the appropriate form.

When euthanising a retired racing greyhound, the notification must be received by the Commission within two working days and a veterinary certificate of euthanasia must also accompany the notification as well as the reasons for euthanasia.

Please note that ‘not for racing’ is not an acceptable reason for euthanising a retired racing greyhound. If a greyhound is euthanised due to behavioural and/or health issues, this must be documented on the veterinary euthanasia certificate.

While most greyhound owners are compliant when completing and submitting the required notification, there have been instances of greyhounds being retired either privately or through rescue organisations without the required steps being taken.

Failure to correctly retire a greyhound is an offence and may result in a fine, a disqualification, cancellation of registration or suspension.

If you assist us with fulfilling your obligations, our industry is the winner.

Thanks to Ipswich Greyhound Club

I spent the evening at the Ipswich Greyhound Racing Club earlier this month and would like to acknowledge the fantastic work of the everyone at the Club for supporting the industry post-floods. As you are all aware, the Ipswich Club have held all Brisbane metro race meetings, seven (7) days a week, since 8 March 2022 due to the Brisbane Greyhound Racing Club and the Capalaba Greyhound Racing Club being inoperable as a result of the recent floods. It was a mammoth effort and shows how the industry can stand up and assist when times are tough.

Things are slowly getting back to normality in time for our busiest time of the year in the Winter Carnival.