Role changes for QRIC Stewards


Wade Hadley has commenced in the role of Acting Greyhound Chief Steward and Dan Broxham has commenced in the role of Acting Greyhound Deputy Chief Steward.

Wade and Dan both have extensive experience in the racing industry and bring years of stewarding experience.

The QRIC Stewards play an integral role in enforcing the rules of racing and overseeing the integrity of racing activities across the three codes.

Stewards are empowered by the rules of racing and the Racing Integrity Act 2016 to control and regulate the codes of racing. Stewards ensure that industry participants adhere to the rules of racing, investigate breaches and, where necessary, enforce penalties.

Stewards are responsible for maintaining public confidence in the racing of animals and are responsible for ensuring the conduct and integrity of all industry participants. The Stewards are also responsible for safeguarding the welfare of all racing animals and participants, drug testing as well as regulating race meetings throughout Queensland.

If you have any concerns during race days, it\’s important that you talk to the QRIC Stewards.

Greyhound audit updates 850 records

Some of you may have received a call from our licensing and registration team about your greyhound’s records.

The Queensland Racing Integrity Commission has just completed a full audit of 850 greyhounds. Through this audit the Commission has assisted industry to comply with the rules of racing by ensuring that the records of their greyhounds are current and accurate.

This exercise which involved one-on-one phone calls to greyhound racing owners and trainers, was received and embraced by industry in a positive manner. It also provided an opportunity for the Commission to provide education to participants on the importance of ensuring their records are maintained and all information is true and correct.

Participants were informed that doing business with the Commission online will provide them visibility and allow them to update all records accordingly.

Process change

Queensland Racing Integrity Commission (QRIC) Greyhound Stewards have implemented state-wide procedural changes after Townsville Greyhound Club and QRIC officials made four critical errors when a rake was left against the starting box in race 8 at Townsville on 30 March.

The investigation showed greyhound racing procedures required change to ensure a similar incident does not occur in future.

All processes will continue to be monitored and assessed regularly by QRIC Stewards.



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