Unregistered training tracks warning


QRIC Stewards are warning all licensed participants that the use of unregistered training tracks is against the rules.

In recent months Stewards have identified several greyhound trainers who are using unregistered training tracks in south-east Queensland.

Chief Greyhound Steward Wade Hadley said this practice of training greyhounds at an unlicensed track is against the rules of racing and he reminds all trainers to familiarise themselves with LR52.

“There are some formerly registered tracks in Queensland, but it is important that all training occurs at a track that is currently registered for the purpose,” he said.

“Stewards must be able to gain access to all training tracks as the regulator of the industry, and those tracks must be a registered facility for training.

“A training track is a facility that has the sole purpose of education and training of greyhounds and it is necessary that QRIC stewards have access and control over training activities.

“A training track can also be the racecourse, or a club property that is approved by Racing Queensland when it is used for education or training purposes other than for conducting trials.”

Mr Hadley said it was also against the rules for the public to enter a registered training facility without permission as this protects and ensures the integrity of the greyhound racing industry in Queensland.

“The rules of racing also extend to unregistered people who are not permitted to lead or handle a racing greyhound,” he said.

“Trainers are responsible for ensuring anyone working with a racing greyhound is a registered person and that all training occurs at a registered facility.”

For more information see LR52 on the Racing Queensland website: https://www. racingqueensland.com.au/industry/greyhound/ industry-licensing/rules



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