Different terminology for different greyhound events


Participants in Queensland looking at the programs may see different terminology used for top grade events such as ‘Open’, ‘Best 8’, and ‘Free For All’ and wonder what’s the difference?

‘Open’ terminology is generally used for feature events and means that it is open to greyhounds of all grades (note maidens are not eligible for Class 1 meetings so cannot nominate for ‘Open’ events at Class 1 meetings).

A ‘Best 8’ event is for greyhound’s 3rd grade or higher; meaning that any greyhound 3rd grade or higher may, at the discretion of the grader, be included in the Best 8. Generally speaking, the Best 8 is programmed over the shorter journeys where the pool of available greyhounds for top grade racing is much larger.

A ‘Free For All’ event is for greyhound’s 5th grade or higher. Generally speaking, Free For All events are only programmed over the longer journeys (600m and 700m in SEQ, and 500m+ in regional areas) where the pool of available greyhounds for top grade racing is quite small. Participants not intending to nominate lower grade greyhounds for top grade races over the longer journeys should always check the programs first before nominating.

QLD Bred Events

Early data indicates that QLD breeding activity increased approximately 15% in 2020 with over 1300 pups whelped. An ongoing supply of this number will comfortably sustain the existing racing model in Queensland.

Be sure to check the February and March programs to find QLD bred events for lower grade greyhounds across all tracks in QLD.

Upcoming Racing

The Ipswich Auction Sprint heats (431m) commence on 12 February 2021. Please note the heats have been programmed on Friday, leaving the date on Saturday 13 February 2021 as insurance in case there are an abundance of nominations. The semi-finals are on Saturday 20 February 2021 and the final is on Saturday 27 February 2021. Nominations close on Tuesday 9 February 2021 at 9.30am.



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