GA reset key to sustainability


By Greyhounds Australasia CEO Cherie Nicholl

This is the last of three columns on the history, structure, and now purpose and strategy of Greyhounds Australia. In this column, I will outline the outcome of the GA strategy reset workshop in late March, 2021.

GA’s first strategic plan was created in 2019. Since then, there have been changes across GA, including my appointment, the Chairman, Sean Hannan’s appointment, the composition of GA’s Board and the operating rhythm of GA in terms of how the sub-committees operate and inform the decisions and recommendations that go to the GA Board.

It was important for the GA Directors, GA CEOs Committee, and Sub–Committee Chairs to meet face-to-face (for the first time in over a year due to Covid) to discuss and ultimately agree on GA\’s purpose and strategic objectives given our ever-changing world.
GA’s reset strategic plan focuses on priorities that are important for industry sustainability and are priorities shared by our members, the controlling bodies across Australia and New Zealand.
· Animal Care – Optimising wellbeing of all greyhounds across Australasia;
· Integrity – Ensuring fair and proper behaviour in the care of greyhounds and conduct of greyhound
racing with standards and functions that are enablers of good practice;
· Community – Engaging with community stakeholders that can support the achievement of the GA
Strategic Priorities.
In addition to the participant services that GA provides in terms of breeding, naming, passports, and the studbook, GA’s focus is on acting as the jurisdiction’s preferred source of curated information and solutions to support the strategic priorities.
This is achieved through Capacity Building which includes:
· Information Management – Creating a library through collaboration and alignment across
jurisdiction subject matter experts of good practice guides, education modules, policies and codes,
tools, and templates.
· Dialogue – Connecting people with other people and information, conduct industry round tables,
run workshops, conferences, and forums.

·  Thought Leadership – Producing new and assembling pre-existing jurisdictional thought leadership.

As well as Assurance Services encompassing:
· Benchmarking – enabling jurisdictions to identify priority areas for improvement within each
strategic pillar.
· Performance Monitoring – Reviewing the conditions of the industry against each strategic pillar and
provide feedback to help jurisdictions improve.
· Reporting – Using proximity principles, reporting on agreed mandated metrics that demonstrate
performance against the Care and Integrity Pillars.

Ultimately the strategy reset did not result in a significant shift in GA’s purpose or direction, but certainly reprioritised our work program and fine-tuned our purpose to address the matters that are most pressing for industry sustainability.
The updated strategy plan is available to view at

A reset of this nature is essential every 18 months to 2 years. If 2020 taught us anything, it is that as an industry, we need to adapt and change and be ready to pivot to address changing environments.



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