Greyhounds a hit at Ipswich Show



MOTHERHOOD is certainly agreeing with the former Jason Bloomfield-trained chaser Monica\’s Joy.

Not only has the white and brindle bitch, owned by the Rinky Dink syndicate of Di and Rick O\’Donnell, recently had a litter, but last month she was judged Champion of Show at the inaugural Ipswich Racing Greyhound Sweepstakes – a new addition to the Ipswich Show.

A total of 36 greyhounds, ranging in ages from nine months to 11 years old competed in front of chief judge Carolyn Pearen for trophies, sashes and prizemoney in various classes.

A senior vice-president of Dogs Queensland and an all-breeds judge, Ms Pearen congratulated the entrants for the marvellous condition in which they had presented their greyhounds.

She was impressed with the standard of competition and said: \”I love greyhounds although this is the first time I have judged an all-greyhound show.\”

A dog judge for 30 years, which has seen her travel to all states, New Zealand and South-East Asia for competitions, Ms Pearen said she has been breeding Irish Setters for 40 years.

\”If their thick red coats were taken off, the Irish Setter\’s body structure is very similar to the greyhound,\” she said.

Admitting she had a soft spot for the breed, the judge said: \”The greyhound has a beautiful temperament and if I didn\’t have Irish Setters I\’d definitely have greyhounds.\”

She admitted that the Irish Setters where show-offs.

\”With their red flowing coats, they are the real showmen.\”

Ms Pearen commended the overall show winner Monica\’s Joy, better known as \’Moni\’.

\”She was in better condition than her rivals, mainly because she had just had a litter of pups,\” she said.

\”The ideal greyhound for showing is one that has been out of racing for a while. It gives them time for their muscles to relax.

\”We are starting to see more greyhounds in open dog shows and it\’s a great opportunity for owners to develop another hobby after racing.\”

The Bloomfield-Kelly Anderson combination dominated the Sweepstakes.

Sam Bloomfield said they had presented five greyhounds for a total of four wins and a placing, including Monica Joy\’s class win, as well as her best bitch and grand champion titles.

Jason and Sam Bloomfield have been in the greyhound racing game for 25 years and have been showing their dogs at the Brisbane Ekka for 14 years.

Sam said Monica\’s Joy had turned out to be a super mum.

\”She had a litter of seven last December and was a bit clumsy for the first three weeks but after that she turned into the best mum we\’ve ever had,\” she said.

Ipswich Greyhound Racing Club Secretary Di O\’Donnell said the inaugural Ipswich Sweepstakes had been an outstanding success.

Di, who has organised many Ekka Sweepstakes over the years, said: \”We had the expertise to encourage Ipswich to do the same and the response from trainers and owners was fabulous.

\”The Ipswich Greyhound Club and Racing Queensland made a considerable investment to make the Sweepstakes a huge promotional event for our racing greyhounds,\” she said.

\”It proved highly successful and was well received by all participants. We\’re hoping it becomes an annual event at the Ipswich show.\”

A large crowd packed the grandstand during the greyhound judging, pleasing organisers.

Aaron Chalmers was another highly successful competitor. He entered three dogs, two were winners including Consider Me Gone, which was also judged runner-up champion of show.


Consider Me Gone – Aaron Chalmers.

Class 1 – Puppy Dogs
1st – Buddy – Aaron Chalmers
2nd – Tucker – Aaron Chalmers
Class 2 – Pre-Race Dogs
1st – Silver – White Tips Ptn
2nd – Max – Anderson & Bloomfield
3rd – Kobe – Whote Tips Ptn
Class 3 – Race Dogs
1st – Consider Me Gone – Aaron Chalmers
2nd – Riley\’s Reason – Erin Cameron
3rd – Prince Of Belair – Stephen Tribe
Class 4 – Veteran Dogs
1st – Coolradoo – Shane Topping
2nd – Big Boy Betro – Kerry Landers
Class 5 – Adopted Dogs
1st – King Fusion – Kerry Landers
2nd – Provan\’s Choice
3rd – Black Paws – Mike & Miok Hill
Consider Me Gone – Aaron Chalmers

Class 1a – Puppy Bitches

No entries in this class
Class 2a – Pre-Race Bitches
1st – Jazz – Anderson & Bloomfield
2nd – Emma – Ross Ogdon
3rd – Ella – White Tips Ptn
Class 3a – Race Bitches
1st – My Girl Gracey – Erin Cameron
2nd – Princess Rarity – Kristina Arnold
3rd – Dynamic Devin – Stephen Tribe
Class 4a – Veteran Bitches
1st – Monica\’s Joy – Rinky Dink Ptn
2nd – Kyella – White Tips Ptn
3rd – Ten Gallon Hat – Shane Topping
Class 5a – Adopted Bitches
1st – Petite Fox – Anderson & Bloomfield
2nd – Sharkiaya – Toni Potter
3rd – Gemma – Toni Potter
Monica\’s Joy – Rinky Dink Ptn
Petite Fox – Anderson & Bloomfield



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