New North Qld GAP now open

\"\"Caption: Kennel attendant Kerrianne Kerr with Normie at the new NQ GAP

The North Queensland Greyhound Adoption Program (GAP) now has new premises.

The doors are open at the new location at 49 Texas Rd, Jensen, for greyhound owners and trainers to bring their retired racers to GAP in preparation for their new life as a pet.

The intake of new greyhounds to GAP is by appointment as there’s capacity for 15 greyhounds in the kennels at any one time.

The staff are proud of their new kennels which includes five exercise yards and a large round sand yard for the dogs to free run.

They are also looking forward to the new enrichment and sensory area which is currently under construction.

For those interested in retiring their racing greyhounds to GAP, adopting greyhounds or providing foster care, please email us at for appointments and this includes for meets and greets.

The GAP is going strong, as we continue to work with retired racers and prepare them for adoption to suitable NQ families.

The GAP team is here to support you and if you need further information email or phone GAP coordinator Gail Lane on 0409 092 389.



For free and confidential support call 1800 858 858 or visit

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