Racing participants must abide by Council laws


The Queensland Racing Integrity Commission  reminds all racing participants that when considering the location and care of racing animals it is imperative that local government bylaws and regulations are always followed.

Acting Racing Integrity Commissioner Paul Brown said that in accordance with the Local Rules of Racing (LR), specially, LR27(1)(a) minimum standard – kennelling/housing, a person having care of a greyhound must comply with the requirements of any relevant Local Government Authority.

“Local councils perform a range of functions relating to the management and responsible keeping of animals in their municipality,” he said.

“Councils may, in the appropriate circumstances, prohibit the keeping of various kinds of animals, restrict the number of various kinds of animals to be kept at a premise, and they may require that animals be kept in a specific manner.”

In accordance with the local rules of racing, racing participants must control the noise, barking and behaviour of a greyhound on the premises in accordance with any relevant authority and this extends to exercising a greyhound in a public area. Participants must also be responsible for the removal and disposal of any faeces.

To understand the rules that control where your greyhounds are housed, see your local council’s local laws situated on their website or contact the council directly.



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