Filthy Phantom looms as ‘special’



Each month Chase will highlight the story behind Queensland’s most recent complete monthly breeding statistics: May, 2021


EVERY now and then a dog comes along that deserves special attention.

South Australia\’s Filthy Phantom is just one of those.

Tony Hinrichsen owns and trains the son of Lochinvar Marlow-Ruby Swift by Premier Fantasy who (to time of writing) has started an incredible 236 times.

He has won 23, run second 35 times and been third 45 times.

Tony loves him so much he is seriously giving consideration to using him at stud over three of his own race bitches.

\”I\’ve spent years putting my bitches to all the very best stud dogs and there comes a time when you can say enough is enough,\” he said.

\”That\’s why I\’m looking at Filthy Phantom and mating him to the three bitches I have on my property.\”

Tony is high in praise of the old dog, a April 2016 whelp.

\”He\’s five years old, has won over 500 metres, has had good early speed in his day, and would and still does run through a brick wall,\” said Tony.

\”He won at Gawler recently at start number 232 and, all things being equal, he will hopefully rack up 250 starts and beyond.

\”He just loves racing.

\”I\’m not sure of the record for Australian starts but he must be very close or may even hold it.

\”He has the best nature and character and temperament and has just been a godsend to train.

If only they could all be like him this game would be so easy.\”

Filthy Phantom graced the racetrack way back on December 22, 2017 and since then has been a winner at Strathalbyn, Gawler, Port Augusta, Mount Gambier, Angle Park and Murray Bridge.

His littermates Breemelia Swift and Lochey Swift have won 15 and eight races respectively but also have started 103 times and 82 times.

Filthy Phantom is in-bred 3×3 to Brett Lee and his second mother is Black Caviar who is bred identically to Magic Sprite and Oaks Road.

Having a look at the May whelpings in Queensland, class act, Femme Folle (Magic Sprite-Miss Lauryn) has whelped her first litter of pups – one dog and six bitches – in a mating to champion Orson Allen.

Femme Folle (10 wins, $36,000) was the pride of jockey Nathan Evans’ greyhound kennel – a multiple winner at Albion Park who was second in the Group 3 Christmas Gift at Wentworth Park.

She came from a wonderful litter that also included Brandi Alexander (16 wins, $101,000), She’s Some Gal (16 wins, $81,000) and Small Jewel (17 wins, $44,000).

All 11 of the litter were winners.

The mating to Orson Allen brings in a proven Barcia Bale mix with Magic Sprite. Barcia Bale’s sister Desalle Bale is the dam of Orson Allen.


Whelping Date     Sire                             Dam                         Bitches              Dogs   


2/05/2021           Mepunga Blazer         Money For Jam                    3                   4

2/05/2021           Sennachie                   Night Time Lover                4                   3

9/05/2021           Orson Allen                Femme Folle                        1                   6

11/05/2021         Zulu Zeus                   Oka’s Angel                         6                   5

14/05/2021         Zambora Brockie       Solo Mission                        0                   2

14/05/2021         Sennachie                   Run With Faith                    6                   5

15/05/2021         Sennachie                   New Abode                          3                   3

16/05/2021         Hooked On Scotch     Bonne Chance                      2                   5

18/05/2021         Keybow                      Bogie Lilly                           5                   5

21/05/2021         Big Bad Bob              Power Service                      5                  6

23/05/2021         Hooked On Scotch     Vince A Bella                       8                  2

26/05/2021         Aston Dee Bee            Bundoran                            2                  4

26/05/2021         Keybow                       Bogie Bullet                        2                  7

29/05/2021         Cosmic Rumble          Daisy Dreams                     4                  4

29/05/2021         Jiminy Reno                Arabella Emjay                   3                  4

29/05/2021         Fernando Bale             Millers Beach                      3                  4

29/05/2021         Flying Fired Up          Agame                                 5                  4

Total                                                                                                          62                73



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